Reactions to C. Louis Kervran's work

Research into the phenomenon of biological transmutation continues in obscurity, practically unknown to most scientists. It is to be hoped that the subject will become established as a popular, legitimate field of research which will yield rich harvests of knowledge.
Robert A. Nelson

 Mirror Symmetry in the Structure of an Atom and in the Periodicity of the Elements
(in Russian)
 by Yury Didyk and Eleonora Astafieva
 St. Petersburg, 2008

   Table of Contents and abstract in English

The Reality of Frittage / La Verité du Frittage.  
(in Japanese)
by K. Takashita, Okayama (Japan) 2008

  Table of contents and timetable of Kervran's activities (in English)

In the year 2005 experiments with beans were performed in order to establish whether there really is any transmutation. 
   description of the experiment (in German)

A small list of widely available books mentioning Kervran's observations of biological transmutation:

Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird: The Secret Life of Plants    see details at Amazon.
Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird: The Secret of the Soil.   see details at Amazon.
Wilfred Branfield: Continuous Creation    see details at Amazon.
Michio Kushi: The Philosopher's Stone  (and many other titles by the same author)   see details at Amazon.
Gillian Martlew: Electrolytes - The Spark of Life  (1998)   see details at Amazon.
John Davidson: The Web Of Life  (1988)   see details at Amazon.
Gabriel Cousens: Conscious Eating    see details at Amazon.
Gabriel Cousens: Spiritual Nutrition   see details at Amazon.
Lawrence Wilson: Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis  (1991)  see details at Amazon.
Haroldine and Thomas Brown:
Lithium & Lithium Crystals: Nature in Harmony (1990)   see details at Amazon.
Klaus Kaufmann:
Silica - The Forgotten Nutrient (1990)   see details at Amazon.
Jacques de Langre:
Seasalt's Hidden Powers (1987)   see details at Amazon

Douglas W. Morrison, David J. Pesek: How We Heal: Understanding the Mind-body-spirit Connection (2006)
Vladimir I. Vysotskii, Alla A. Kornilova: Nuclear Fusion and Transmutation of Isotopes in Biological Systems (2003)

More internet information on C. Louis Kervran:

Prof. Wim Holleman performed experiments on biological transformation and wrote a paper on them in 1981. 

On the internet there was a report on a 2003 conference on biological transmutations in Genève: "Dr. Jean-Paul Biberian made a special announcement near the end of the proceedings: the first international conference on biological transmutation had been held in Geneva, May 1, 2000. There had been sixteen attendees from Italy, Switzerland, and France. He had been doing experiments with bacteria and seed-sprouting already, observing unexpected element changes on the order of a few percent. A non-profit organization is being formed to support continuing conferences, publications, and research." 

It is premature to reduce the vital process to the quite insufficiently developed conceptions
of 19th and even 20th century physics and chemistry.

Louis de Broglie